1:1 Coaching

Our 1:1 Coaching is Thriving Women Today’s most elite service.  It comes complete with all “Balance Bonuses” and partners with the Inspired to Success program for Women’s Health and Wealth!  It includes a full 12-week course, given to you personally, designed specifically to create balance and success throughout all aspects of your life. It is offered only by coaches specifically trained in leading this program. In Inspired to Success, you will have personalized coaching focusing on key areas of life such as:

  • Prosperity and MoneyBalance includes Sandy Forster's Inspired to Success program.
  • Enjoying the Love of Your Life
  • Vivacious Health and Vitality!
  • Fun and Enjoyment!
  • Fulfillment at Work and Career
  • Personalized Progress and Growth
  • Making a Difference in the Lives around You!
  • Lasting and Loving Relationships with Friends and Family

Sandy Forster is the creator and author of the Inspired to Success program. She is a best-selling author, creator of Wildly Wealthy Women, “International Mentor of the Year” award winner, and is known for helping women worldwide enjoy great success.

For your added ease and success, this program includes special bonuses.  You will get Sandy Forster’s best-selling book, “How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast.” This book focuses on the principles of bringing abundance to all areas of life.

Sandy Forster wrote Inspired to Success and Wildly Wealthy.Wildly wealthy shares how to have abundance and vitality.                                                                                                      

     Sandy Forster

As your additional bonus, you will receive 8 Subliminal CDs.   These are specifically designed to help you achieve happiness, vitality, and prosperity abundant in thriving lives. When you receive your complete package of bonus CDs, we suggest you choose your favorite and listen to it daily for 30 days. Then, choose your next favorite and listen to it daily for 30 days, and so on. This process literally builds your brain for success and helps you gain the maximum benefit from these audios for your radiant, prosperous, fulfilling life!  Your eight bonus CDs specifically focus on:

  • Manifesting Prosperity
  • Creating health and vitalityInspired to Success Balance program includes CDs.
  • Attracting / Cultivating Your Ideal relationship
  • Achieving your Goals and Creating Success
  • Daily Joy and Happiness
  • Boosting Self Esteem
  • Divine Manifesting
  • Natural Weight Loss


In the Balance package, your preliminary coaching documents will be sent to you within 48 hours so you can begin your journey to balance and prepare for the vitality of all areas of life in the months ahead.  Your personal Balance coach will contact you within that same time to let you choose your Inspired to Success session times that work best for you.

Balance Inspired to Success coaching includes personalized forms.

Finally, with each week of your coaching process, you will be e-mailed a beautiful poster portraying one of the Ten Universal Laws that create thriving, abundant lives. Focusing on a Universal Laws each week will allow success to flow to you with much greater ease. Each Universal Law is depicted in beautiful poster form for you to print and hang as a lovely reminder during your Balance journey.Universal Laws are included in Balance Inspired to Success personalized coaching.

“My favorite benefits from the Inspired to Success Program were watching it all unfold week after week, gaining support to go for it, and encouragement to give it my all!  All of the amazing life changes have been worth every bit of the work to get to where I am today!”   Minna N.   – Florida, U.S.A

Balance is the “Have It All” package!  Although we offer a variety of pricing and packages, this takes you right to the top.   Enjoy the peace and ease our most elite service brings to your thriving life!

For your convenience, choose either of the payment options below:

$1200 one time payment for a savings of $300 (All your gifts, including you book and CD bonuses will be mailed to you immediately)

Yes, I Want to Be Inspired to Success! $1200 one-time paid in full




$375 four payments over the next four months for a total of $1500.  (All your Book and CD bonuses will be reserved immediately and mailed to you after the third payment)

Yes, Take Me to Inspired to Success!  $375 four payments over next 4 months


bigguarantee                                                                                                                                                                                                                           30 day Money-back Guarantee.  You will be delighted with our services or notify us within 30 days to receive your money back, guaranteed.  Thriving Women Today! is dedicated to the very best of service to each and every customer today.  Here’s to your thriving life!