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WHY: The primary purpose of the Thriving Home Team is to free up 900 people financially to be able to walk away from outside jobs, come HOME, and create the kind of life and home environment where they can THRIVE!   In addition to this, we also share ideas and experiences designed not only to bring people home, but to also enliven and enrich families once they are at home.    

HOW: The Thriving Home Team researches and finds powerful, cutting edge resources to help at home businesses and entrepreneurs.   Often people greatly desire to work from the comfort of their home – but do not know how to make that happen.  We know the home environment is the foundation where children and parents can thrive and we help cultivate such environments.  Also, people typically desire to have happy homes and families and we love doing all we can to support the success of these endeavors!  

In addition to researching and sharing cutting edge education and resources for online entrepreneurs, KennaRae Thomas, the leader of the Thriving Home Team also writes articles, blogs, and records videos sharing added ideas helping those who want to have a thriving home life realize their goals.  

WELCOME: We welcome you!  We invite you to take a look around, read our blogs, connect with us, and enjoy this website we have made for your added success socially, academically, spiritually, and financially in YOUR thriving home!

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